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Greenlight Optics
Understanding the Basics of LED Lenses
Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Most people are familiar with LED light. The benefits of LED usage are phenomenal.   They are energy efficient, consuming 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs, and are long lasting.  Consumers and businesses alike have been implementing a transition to LED in everything from TVs, to billboards, to ads on public transportation.   The LED Display has become a part of our daily visual landscape.  Even so, they come with their own technical challenges.

The primary optic for an LED only gives directional light 180 degrees.  Because it is too broad of a light for most applications, the LED light begins to lack intensity over distance.  To alter the radius and get a more focused intensity, it is necessary to add a secondary lens and/or reflectors.

Consider light moving in parallel rays.  A convex lens has a surface that bulges outward and will make rays converge at a specific spot, a focal point.  A concave lens has a surface that curves in, making those parallel lines curve outward, away from a central point.  Focused LED light can have a secondary optic placed on it called TIR lenses.  TIR lenses fit over the dome top of the LED.  They combine the benefits of a lens and a reflector.  Taking the light beam in, and reflecting it back in a manner similar to the function of a concave lens that sends the rays outward and apart, rather than converging.

When coupled with a lens to project the light emitted from an LED, it is not limited by a 180 degrees.  Once a secondary lens is in place, the LED can provide the same element of lighting function as the traditional incandescent bulbs that naturally emit a 360 degree light.

Dedicated to being an industry leader, Greenlight Optics have the optical engineering capabilities to develop custom LED illumination modules to meet your system requirements.  With a specialized expertise in the LED industry and its relationships we can help you with numerous applications such as:  area lighting, medical applications, instrumentation, transportation lighting, machine vision illumination, projection displays, and stage lighting.  Contact us today to utilize our expertise to meet your company’s needs.



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