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Greenlight Optics is an authorized Texas Instruments DLP Design Network Partner – a trusted and recommended resource to companies wishing to develop new products based on DLP technology. We provide turnkey DLP optical system development and manufacturing. With extensive in-house capability and over 200 years combined experience, we rapidly turn ideas into prototypes and prototypes into commercial DLP products.

Whether developing a new DLP optical engine from the ground up or customizing one of our standard engines to meet each customer's unique requirements, Greenlight will quickly and cost-effectively develop and deliver the DLP-based prototypes and products you require.
DLP Optics
Greenlight's DLP Optics can be used in applications such as 3D printing, integrated touch, 3D structured lighting, heads up displays, wearable displays, rear projection displays & lithography.

The GLOBEAM Projection Engine

The GLOBEAM DPM4501 and DPM6501 projection engine platform delivers high brightness and high resolution in an efficient, compact package. Thanks to precise engineering and proprietary design, the DPM4501 provides exceptional performance with on axis projection and the ability to customize with different LED light sources (including UV, VIS, and NIR), projection lenses, and mounting options. With our electronics partners, Greenlight can offer a complete solution. DLP reliability, all metal case, and solid engineering ensures long life in a variety of industrial and professional applications. The DPM4501 platform is a single illumination channel engine based on the TI .45 WXGA DMD and the DPM6501 platform is a single illumination channel based on the TI .65 1080p DMD. 2 channel and 3 channel illumination versions are also possible.

Compact: Leveraging picoprojector opto-mechanical design experience

Efficient and Bright: Advanced optical design, coated optics, world class LED partners

High Resolution: 1280 X 800 diamond pixel or true 1920 X 1080 square pixel

Cost-Effective: Well suited for Low (10s-100s) and Mid (1000s) volume manufacturing

Customizable: The DPM4501 and DPM6501 engine platform is created to enable the rapid and cost effective adoption of DLP/LED Projection technology in new applications. By starting with the DPM4501 or DPM6501 baseline engine and customizing the LED, Projection Lens, and mechanical integration, customers can achieve optimized performance and compact size without paying for a full custom engine development program.

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