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Greenlight Optics



Greenlight Optics is an authorized Texas Instruments DLP Design Network Partner – a trusted and recommended resource to companies wishing to develop new products based on DLP technology. We provide turnkey DLP optical system development and manufacturing. With extensive in-house capability and over 250 years combined experience, we rapidly turn ideas into prototypes and prototypes into commercial DLP projection products.

Greenlight has developed and is manufacturing custom DLP Projection Optics for a wide variety of applications, including:  3D Machine Vision, 3D Printing, Lithography, Medical/Bio Imaging, and specialized projection displays for Aerospace, Head Up Displays, and Augmented Reality.  

Greenlight Optics expertise covers the entire optical path from light source to projection lens.  We are experts in LED and Laser illumination optics and we work in the UV, Vis, and NIR depending on the application.  Our projection lens expertise includes miniature systems incorporating multiple aspheres and freeform optics, short throw, off-axis, and multispectral.

Custom DLP Projection Engines

Greenlight will quickly and cost-effectively develop and deliver the custom DLP-based prototypes and volume production you require.  Our optical, mechanical, and electro-optical engineering team has decades of experience designing projection engines and projection lenses.  This design know-how, coupled with our extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities, enables us to take full control of not only the design but the production, testing, and delivery of custom DLP projection optical systems.  We treat each customer as a partner and we understand that our success is dependent on our customer’s success.  As such, we not only design and manufacture to each customer’s stated requirements, but we anticipate unstated requirements and make suggestions along the way based on our long and varied history in the projection industry.  

While each Greenlight Optics custom DLP projection engine is unique, they share the following characteristics: 

Compact: Leveraging our advanced freeform and aspheric optics manufacturing capabilities and decades of picoprojector opto-mechanical design experience.  Custom applications have unique size, shape, and orientation requirements.  Greenlight goes beyond conventional approaches to deliver an optimized system no matter the space constraints.  

Efficient and Bright: Advanced non-sequential optical design, specialty coated optics, world class LED partners, and in-house diamond turning and injection molding of precision aspheres, freeform optics and microlens arrays (MLAs).

Sharp Resolution: Projection lens design for manufacturing expertise, internal manufacturing of glass optics and plastic aspheres and freeforms, precision fabrication and active alignment, the highest quality supply chain partners, and our ISO 9001 certified manufacturing operations ensure that every product we deliver consistently meets requirements.

Cost Effective: Greenlight’s lean internal manufacturing operations are set up to support low volume (1s-10s), mid volume (100s-1000s), and high volume (10000s+) manufacturing.  Our flat organization places expertise at the point of execution and minimizes overhead.  
8940 Glendale-Milford Road
Loveland, Ohio 45140
Mon - Fri 8:30AM to 5:00PM

Phone: 1 (513) 247-9777



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