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Greenlight Optics


Rapid Development and Manufacturing of Integrated Optical Systems


By employing experienced talent in the area of optical system design and development, and having extensive in-house equipment for optical system prototyping, we achieve short lead times for optical system development and delivery of prototypes. Speed becomes our customer’s competitive advantage.


Our expertise and service offering spans the entire product development process. This includes Concept/Feasibility > Optical and Mechanical Design > Prototyping > Production Design > Mfg Scale-Up. We work seamlessly as the optical systems subteam in concert with our customer’s overall product development process. We understand that the ability to see, touch, and experience a product during each stage of development is critical to a programs success, which is why we have made optical systems fabrication a key part of our offering. We also develop optical test equipment and perform detailed optical system analysis.


Greenlight has the experience, facility, and equipment to manufacture a wide variety of optical systems, providing a seamless transition from development into volume production. Our staff is experienced in manufacturing products that simultaneously achieve high performance and low cost and our ISO9001 certified quality system ensures that we consistently meet our customer’s requirements from Pilot scale to full Volume Production.  


Achieving the desired optical function, while interfacing with the overall system’s electrical and mechanical structure is what we do. Our engineers and scientists have in-depth knowledge of optoelectronic devices - including LEDs, Lasers, Sensors, and Microdisplays. This know-how, along with decades of experience creating unique and effective optical mounting techniques, allows us to deliver a total package solution. An integrated approach throughout the development process ensures global optimization of performance vs size, power, cost, and environmental impact budgets.


Optics is a specialty that requires a unique set of equipment, tools, knowledge, and experience. Our team has been on the leading edge of optical systems design, development, and manufacturing for the last 2 decades. In addition, we leverage and build on the legacy of US Precision Lens, a pioneer and world leader in optics since 1970. We hold a special expertise in the use of plastic optics – enabling extremely compact, lightweight, and inexpensive systems without compromising performance.


Working as a cross-functional team, our experienced designers and development engineers create highly manufacturable designs, while achieving the performance required by the application. We are unique in our ability to combine world-class optical design with real-world experience developing and manufacturing products for consumer and professional markets. This leads to an optimized result.

8940 Glendale-Milford Road
Loveland, Ohio 45140
Mon - Fri 8:30AM to 5:00PM

Phone: 1 (513) 247-9777



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