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Greenlight Optics


A Leader in Optical Prototyping

Greenlight Optics is much more than a design house. Our in-house diamond turning, glass lens fabrication, CNC machining, Wire EDM, injection molding, and assembly and test equipment enables us to build precision prototypes much faster and less expensively than separately sourcing optics and mount parts.

Further, by controlling the entire process there is no finger-pointing between the designer and the fabricator – Greenlight takes full responsibility. The difference between an idea that gets ignored and one that gets attention is a working prototype. 
Optical Prototyping
Truth is ideas are cheap and “paper designs” are plentiful. Nothing excites investors, customers, and internal development teams more than seeing an idea in action. At Greenlight, we have helped numerous customers turn their ideas into real products.  Often, our customers point to the single event that set their company or new product on a path to commercial success as a prototype delivered by Greenlight Optics.

Prototyping also plays a critical engineering role in any new optical product development. Optical design software is highly accurate and predictable. However, the interaction between optical elements and opto-electronic components, mechanics, and the human visual system is complex and best understood by building and testing system prototypes.

With Greenlight’s in-house capabilities, we can complete multiple iterations in the time it takes other companies to build a first prototype. Let Greenlight Optics help you excite your audience and get to an optimized product faster.

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