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Greenlight Optics


Expert Imaging & Illumination Optical Design

Equipped with advanced design and simulation software, our experienced optical engineers and scientists create world class imaging and illumination optical designs.

Greenlight engineers are skilled in projection lens and camera lens optical design. Using Zemax and other modeling and simulation tools, the designers create optical designs that achieve high resolution and are manufacture-able. Greenlight specializes in effectively using spherical and aspheric lenses to reduce element count and size, while meeting performance requirements. Along with aspheres, Greenlight uses mirror lenses and freeform lenses to achieve desired results across the UV, visible, and NIR spectrum.
Expert Imaging & Illumination Optical Design
Examples of recent imaging optical design projects includes: DSLR OLED Viewfinder Optics, LCOS Digital Rifle Scope, Automotive HUD, Off-axis miniature HMD projector with free form lenses, very wide angle camera lens, super telephoto catadioptric camera lens, iris scan imaging lens, fingerprint imaging lens, structured light endoscope projection lens, laser line projector, bar code scanner camera lens, extreme short throw DLP 1080p projector, short throw DLP pocket projector, robotic toy CMOS asphere camera lens, light field displays, augmented reality freeform combiners, and numerous low f/# lcos projection lenses.

Greenlight has advanced capability for illumination (non-imaging) optical design. Using TracePro software, as well as proprietary freeform optics illumination software, the optical designers create illumination optical designs that achieve the industry’s highest efficiency and light distribution quality. By modeling the system accurately as the light exits the LED chip, designs can be optimized to achieve optimized real world performance. While the majority of our projects involve LED illumination for lighting, instrumentation, and displays, Greenlight is also skilled and experienced in laser illumination optics.

Examples of recent illumination optical design projects includes: LED post top street lights, LED cobra head style streetlights, fiber illumination light source, LED flashlight optics, IR laser line generator module, numerous LED illumination modules for LCOS projectors, UV illumination for DLP projector, LED lightguides, UV detector instrument, LED illumination for robotic vision, LED marine/dock light, aisle and high bay lighting, medical spotlight module, endoscope LED illumination, high speed camera LED illumination, Lidar collection and freeform emitter optics, laser collimating array, and LED Illumination for DLP projectors.

Often, Greenlight is asked to create optical designs for integrated systems that combine illumination and imaging optics working together as a system. With expertise in both areas, Greenlight’s designers effectively model the entire system and achieve overall system level performance. This integrated optical system design capability is critical in projection, HUD, and near-to-eye displays, machine vision systems, biometric systems, interactive and gesture recognition displays, and a wide variety of instrumentation projects.
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