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Integrators of LEDs, Lasers, Sensors, and Microdisplays

For the last 15 years, our engineers have been on the forefront of developing new products based on high brightness LEDs, lasers, Sensors and CMOS arrays, and advanced microdisplays. 

With experience and success integrating LEDs, lasers, sensors and microdisplays into numerous commercial products, Greenlight is very often recommended as a preferred design house partner for many leading opto-electronic component suppliers.

Greenlight is an advanced integrator of the highest performance LED and laser diode packages.  Greenlight designs and, in some cases, produces custom LED boards that fit the unique mechanical, thermal and electrical interface of each product.  Greenlight also has advanced testing capabilities to measure the output and distribution of LED illumination systems for lighting, projection, and instrumentation. 

Greenlight has experience working with all of the major microdisplay technologies.  Greenlight has strong relationships and designed and built prototypes or products with all the major LCOS suppliers.  Greenlight has also built systems based on DLP technology and is a third party design house resource for Texas Instruments DLP customers.  Greenlight has also designed and built near-to-eye systems based on OLED microdisplays and Microvision laser scan modules. 

Camera modules are now a key part of products in a wide range of industries.  Greenlight has developed and tested dozens of sensor and imaging systems incorporating the latest CMOS camera modules, IR sensors, and visible and UV detectors.  Our experience and capability includes development of advanced image resolution (MTF) instrumentation. 
  greenlight optics, optical sytems engineering, optical systems, optical engineering, optical system manufacturing, optical systems, opto-electronics


Greenlight Optics is an optical systems engineering and manufacturing company specializing in projection displays, LED and laser illumination, imaging systems, plastic optics, and the integration of optics with electrical and mechanical systems.

The Greenlight Optics team brings a combined 250+ years of experience designing, developing, and manufacturing optical systems for consumer and professional markets.

We are passionate about enabling new optical applications and providing outstanding service to our customers.
Greenlight Optics is a 2016 Inc. 5000 honoree.  Number 2041 on the list of fastest growing private US companies.

July 2017: Greenlight Optics completes ISO 9001:2015 certification. Greenlight Optics has been ISO 9001 certified since 2014.

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